Udruženje garađana paraplegičara i oboljelih od dječije paralize

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Web site of Association of paraplegics and polio survivors of Canton Sarajevo


Street Grbavicka 6
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: +387 33 66 19 54
Fax.: +387 33 65 68 89


What is paraplegia and poliomyelitis?


Condition which follows a traumatic injury or diseases in the spinal cord


Total or partial paralysis of hands and legs (quadriplegia or quadriparesis) or legs legs (paraplegia or paraparesis)
Incontinence ( sudden / involuntary loss of bladder and / or bowel control)
Decubitus (open sores), spasm, loss of sensitivity of the paraplegic part of the body, inclination toward inflammation and irritation of processes, can often cause impotency


Infantile paralysis ( also shortly alled Polio):

Acute viral disease, inflammation of the grey substne of the spinal cord


Paralysis of the extremities, atrophic muscules, spasms and other helth problems due to long term disability
Both paraplegics and polio survivors are most often compelled to use wheelchairs or in the better cases other orthopedic appliances and are under constant care for long period of time.


Association of paraplegic and polio survivors of Canton Sarajevo is humanitarian, non-government and non-profit organization, established 1980. The Association was working even the during of war in this region.

Organization is based on volunteers association of paraplegics and polio survivors citizens, no matter on their age , sex, nacionality or religion, which have in its frame of strategic and program aims the aim of survival of mentioned community as presumption for good activity and quality realization of programs and aims in setlling the problematic of persons with disability.

Organization has about 200 members.

Association is organized on basic of existing regulations, to can optionally satisfies possibilities, needs, and wishes of its members:

Assembly of Asssociation is the highest body of managing with Association, and it consists, equally, all memmbers of the Assoiation

Managment Board is executive body of the Assembly

President of Association has mandate to represent Association

Supervising Board is indipendent supervising body of Assembly

Expert service performs the administration- technical activities of the Association

The Association has no fixed financial resources, exept a small amount from Government of Canton Sarajevo for basic administrative expenses. The other funds are provided by various grants and humanitarian activities.

Part of continously aims

Promotion of social changes to eliminate all disriminatory barriers and to raise public awereness

Recommendation of Standard UN proceedingsfor equal rights for people with disabilities

Promotion of the work and program « Coalition for equals rights for people with disabilities», in a form of general movement of the people and total adaption into society

Fight for nondiscrimintory regulations and lows which acknowledges equal rights and needs to all pesrsons with disabilities and participation in publi legislation and administration

Better quality of life in local community: health, education, professional rehabiltation and employment

Filing and inspecting of socio-economic positions of members and material support to members and their families having inreased and speific needs for stable protection of living standards

Accessibility for all reducation and elimination of architectural barriers

Partnerships with organizations for persons with disabilities as well as NGO in country and international level


In this moment we would like to underline only a part of ussualy activities:

To collect and collate paraplegics and post-polio conditions related materials from all over the world

Influence on improvement of health rights and rehabilitation and employment persons with disability

Professional rehabilitation and employment persons with disability

Realisation of cultural activities, rest and recreation for members, as well as sportion activities

Collecting various humanitarian help and donation in country, as well as foreign aids

Until nowadays with international organizations, it was successfully realized many projects, and we proudly emphasizes the following:

With «World Bank»:
Realization of projescts of establishing and professionally supplied video studio by employment of disability persons – paraplegics, members of the Assoiation

Realization of project for production the office staples by employment our members

Many various projects with:
«SPROFONDO» – Italia
«DIAKONIE» – Austria

How you can help us?

The Association has no fixed financial resources, exept a small amount from Government of Canton Sarajevo for basic administrative expenses. The other funds are provided by various grants and humanitarian activities.

If You want to help Association, You can do that with donation to next accounts:

Uni Credit Bank:


Curency account Uni Credit Bank:

TRB br. 3398002206130568 – IBAN: BA393389002206130568

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